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Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson

The other day Araceli and I went to see Kris Kristofferson here in Barcelona. It was a late birthday present for me and a early one for her. It was just Kris Kristofferson with a Gibson Southern jumbo and he used the same 3 Cowboy chords and picking pattern in every song so maybe it got a bit repetitive. He wasn’t much of a singer back in the days and even less so now, or guitar player for that sake, but he has written so many good songs and it was a pleasure to listen to an old man from Nashville for an 2 hours and I’m really glad we got a chance to see him. I forgot my camera but I just found this clip on Youtube.

Francisca Montserrat, Barcelona

Francisca Montersat Barcelona
Francisca Montserrat Barcelona, Spanish guitar 1960’s

The crisis has taken hard on the Spaniards and I think especially here in Barcelona you can really see the difference between the people with and without jobs. I have never seen so many men rummaging  through the rubbish bins and collecting things to sell, ideally scrap metal. At the same time I have never seen so nice things being thrown out like they are worth nothing just because they are old. A couple of month ago my friends and I passed a guy with a shopping trolley full of scrap metal and an old guitar on top. I stopped him and asked how much he wanted for the guitar, without actually having any idea what it was or what shape it was in. He said 10€ and I bought it straight away. It was very dirty and in bad shape but after a bit of cleaning and new strings it turned out to be an amazing sounding and very easy to play little Flamenco guitar. I’m just happy that I managed to save a really nice guitar from a faith that could be way worse than being cherished and played by me and my friends.

Francisca Montersat BarcelonaFrancisca Montersat Barcelona

Chest Fever

Araceli and Claes, Chest Fever session, November 2012 © Claes Gellerbrink, photographs can't be used without permission

My girlfriend Araceli and I have a gig with our band Chest Fever this Saturday. If you happen to be in Barcelona come and see our country folk duo warm up the stage for Cobarde. The recipe will be 1 old waistcoat, 1 bottle of old bourbon, 5 old songs, 2 new songs, 1 new guitar and at least 1 new hat.