Claes Anderson – Anderson’s Son

Life took over and raising two kids have kept me from buying, restoring and selling guitars. Now I’ve realised that I didn’t even post about the 6 track EP I recorded last summer called Claes Anderson – Anderson’s Son. I managed to get the old trio together and book with Antoine for the day and we recorded six songs live. I really enjoyed the experience and the result, it felt and sounded acoustic and natural. The first four songs are the actual EP, the second two were added when I had to re-release the songs on Spotify, I had to change digital provider and didn’t want to pay twice for music that was already online. The EP has a strong family theme to it, I wrote a song for everyone in the household. The first song The Fine Lines In Between was written about my struggles to accept that you can’t take love for granted and it might not last forever. I wrote Anderson’s Son for my son Vilke when he was born and about the Anderson name. One Day You’ll Understand is about the struggles we had to have my daughter Frida. I wrote Come and Lie Down Beside Me for my wife Araceli as a wedding song when we got married back in 2014.

All songs were recorded on my 1968 Levin LT-18