Electric guitar tonewoods

by claesgellerbrink

If you want to know what the tonal qualities are in different woods, what’s the best body wood for your next guitar building project, or maybe you are just curious to figure out what your guitar is made of. Then check out Alan Ratcliffe’s wood guide. I think my favourite is still Swamp Ash, probably just because the name sounds so awesome. I’m planning to build a new Claescaster soon, from scratch this time, and therefore I’m researching different suppliers of “licensed” Fender replacement parts, Warmoth, All parts, Musikraft, WD, Mighty Mite etc. It seems like US eBay is the best option for bodies, but then you might get hit with unnecessary import taxes and the shipping to Europe is quite high. I found this quite cheap UK seller but they only sell unfinished bodies and I would prefer to have it finished. I’m not sure if I trust this Hong Kong seller but that would be the cheapest option without any doubt, 107€ including shipping. The search continues…

guitar woodBasswood, Swamp Ash, Alder, Birdseye Maple