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Photo of the day


Gered Mankowitz, Jimi Hendrix "Smoking" taken in early 1967 in Gered's Masons Yard studio in London, © Bowstir Ltd
Gered Mankowitz, Jimi Hendrix “Smoking” taken in early 1967 in Gered’s Masons Yard studio in London, © Bowstir Ltd

Jimi Hendrix past away on this day 44 years ago. If it wasn’t for this awesome guy, I might never had fallen in love with the guitar or dress the way I do, he was a huge influence 20 years ago when I started playing. Earlier Hendrix posts, Guitar of the day and Guitar of the day

Photo of the day

The Band by Elliott LandyThe Band by Elliott LandyThe Band in Woodstock, NY by Elliott Landy. Landy is the photographer behind most of the iconic photos of The Band from the Woodstock era and he just started a Kickstarter project to found his new book with all his photos of The Band and reached $193,626 even though his goal was just $65,000. You can watch a video about the book project here.

Video of the day

The Band in the basement of Rick Danko’s Zena Road home. Woodstock, New York, 1969
The Band in the basement of Rick Danko’s home, Woodstock 1969. © Elliott Landy

Guitar of the day

The Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix played at Woodstock in 1969
Jimi Hendrix’ “Woodstock” 1968 Fender Stratocaster. Microsoft’s Paul Allen reportedly paid 1.2 million dollars for this guitar in 1998.

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock 1969