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Gretsch Rancher Falcon

 G6139CB Falcon™ Center-Block Single Cutaway
G6139CB Falcon™ Center-Block Single Cutaway
cost 3.169€ at Thomann

I’ve always been a huge fan of White Falcons but never really felt I could afford one. They are so over the top Las Vegas bling but still works so well on scruffy looking musicians like Neil Young, see below. I’m not overly keen on newly made acoustic guitars, I believe that everything sounds better after 20 years, but after seeing this I have to admit I have second thoughts. Gretsch has just launched a White Falcon acoustic, and not only does it look awesome, it’s cheap too. Compared to a White Falcon that cost around 3200€ it feels pretty cheap with 550€ for the new Rancher Falcon in white. It’s almost as exciting as when Fender released the Fender Japan TN72G-FT.

 Neil Young, San Diego, CA, 1969 © Henry Diltz, 1969
Neil Young, San Diego, CA, 1969 © Henry Diltz

 G5022CWFE Rancher™ Falcon
G5022CWFE Rancher™ Falcon
cost 548€ at Thomann

Jack White’s impromptu two-song acoustic set 2011
Jack White is doing a surprise gig at the South by Southwest festival Austin Texas in 2011 with a custom made Gretsch White Falcon acoustic. When I saw this picture I really felt that I wanted one too. I have an all black Morris WL-35, really Johnny Cash, but imagine to have an all white Gretsch guitar with extra gold. Hmm, gold, I love gold.

Conan O’Brien

BW174795_A1_012Say what you want about Jack White but he loves old guitars, wearing hats and dressing up and so do I so at least we have that in common

I quite often watch Youtube clips while I eat at work and lately I’ve seen quite a few clips with Conan O’Brien. I’ve always thought he’s been quite good but now I found out that he is doing these 1-1.5 hours shows called Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien where he interviews his friends. It’s just him and a guest in a black room and since it’s made straight for the internet there are no commercial breaks and people are allowed to smoke and drink alcohol. Here is one with Jack White that I thought was pretty interesting.