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The Selvedge Yard, The Rolling Stones guitars backstage in 1969
The Rolling Stones guitars backstage in 1969

I really love The Selvedge Yard it’s easily one of my favourite blogs. It’s such a great mix of everything a modern man that is stuck in the past likes. Here is a great new post, The Rolling Stones | Road worn, forlorn & almighty guitar porn


Movie of the day

Not really related to music, or guitars, but if you like The Wicker Man like I do, then you will love this.

The Power Of The Witch is a documentary about witchcraft as it was practised in the late 60s and early 70s in the UK – apparently it was only screened once and there is practically no information about it on the web. The Power Of The Witch is worth a watch even if you are not particularly interested in the occult – rather watch it as a document of its time, capturing as it does people’s attitudes, beliefs, fashions and plummy Brit accents. It’s a curious mixture of patriarchal stiff upper lip-ism and unerring belief in both Christianity and the forces of magic, making it feel very much as if it comes from a completely different era. Not to mention, it’s a goldmine of potential witch haus footage. Taken from Dangerous Minds